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In a world of constant change and development, temporary fence is no longer a necessity, but an essential in performing day to day operations. Security is the priority for delivering our customers satisfaction and provide peace of mind. Rent-A-Fence Wholesale offers the safest, simplest, and most secure temporary fence solutions to purchase.

Allow Rent-A-Fence Wholesale to become a direct supplier and have access to immediate inventory for your next project. Call us today and find out what it takes to become a dealer (888) 415-6335.

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Unexpected Excellence

We’re not satisfied until you are. Invest in products that look and perform better than the competition, whether on your job site or your customers.

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Unparalleled Service

Our service center & Website are open 24/7, ensuring when you call or submit an online quote request, your needs are met with expediency and follow-through found nowhere else in the industry.

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Unquestionable Trust

Our commitment to the customer extends beyond the project. We deliver on our promise of excellent service on each and every call, building life-long customer relationships.